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Welcome to Oxford

The City

Oxfordshire is one of the most beautiful English counties, renowned for its breathtakingly scenic rural landscapes, historic heritage and of course, the culturally diverse city of Oxford. Situated in the South East of the country, Oxfordshire remains a popular destination with tourists and it’s easy to see why; it not only offers some of England’s most stunning scenery but is also known as an educational and historic hotspot.

The city of Oxford is home to the University of Oxford; the oldest University in the country having been established over nine centuries ago. The University building is by far one of the most beautiful and breathtaking buildings in the city and remains a popular sightseeing destination for tourists thanks to its stunning architecture. Oxford University is also one of the most prestigious higher education facilities in the world and attracts students from all walks of life from around the globe. There are a total of 38 colleges which form the University and it is also currently ranked in the top five universities in the world, rivalling Cambridge in the UK and even Harvard and Stanford in the US. Oxford University is one of the city’s most historic landmarks and it’s easy to see why when you consider than even James Bond studied here.

It isn’t all about the University though, Oxfordshire has a lot more to offer and today, is highly regarded as one of the UK’s filmmaking havens. Oxfordshire plays host to some of the UK’s best filming locations and attracts professional and amateur filmmakers alike; often attracted to the area by its idyllic British countryside and it’s cultural heritage. Many well-known films and TV programmes have been filmed here including Downton Abbey, Inspector Morse, Midsomer Murders, Sherlock Holmes (the movie) and even Harry Potter.

Oxfordshire is as diverse county and is not only regarded as a world-class location for the filmmaking industry but also, the car manufacturing industry. Ever since Morris-Motors established it’s in the city back in 1910, Oxfordshire has attracted some of the biggest car manufacturers in the world and is currently home to the production site for Mini (owned by BMW) which is based in Cowley; an Oxfordshire suburb.

Oxfordshire certainly has an enviable location; it has the Midland’s to the north, the stunning Cotswold’s countryside to the west and of course to the south, there’s the River Thames. It also has an enviable cultural, historic and economic heritage and is home to some of the world’s most spectacular architecture (much of which is located in the city of Oxford), the William’s F1 team factory (currently based in Grove, Oxfordshire), The University of Oxford and numerous TV and film locations as mentioned above. It has some great museums, some of the finest hotels and is also a haven for shopaholics and lovers of architecture.

Outside of the city, the Cotswold’s countryside offers a quintessentially British way of life combined with idyllic surroundings and a rich cultural heritage. There really is no shortage of characteristics that makes Oxfordshire so special and we, as residents, should be proud of what we have to offer.