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Why hire a chauffeur?

If you think that you have to be rich and famous to be able to hire a chauffeur, think again. Anyone can enjoy the many benefits of hiring a professional chauffeur, whether it’s for an airport transfer, a special occasion such as a wedding, or for discrete corporate travel. A chauffeur provides a service that goes beyond that of a taxi company, providing a premium service in quality cars that will satisfy the needs of even the most discerning clients.

Picking you up in plenty of time and dropping you off exactly where you need to be, with time to spare, a chauffeur can take the stress out your journey while getting you to your destination in style and comfort. You won’t need to worry about choosing the best route or figuring out where to park; your chauffeur will combine their detailed knowledge of the local roads with up-to-the-minute satellite traffic information to get you to your destination on time, leaving you free to think about more important things. What’s more, chauffeurs are professional drivers with impeccable driving skills, so you’re in safe hands.

Let’s have a look at some of the situations in which a chauffeur could make your life dramatically easier.


Hiring a chauffeur for your wedding

With so much to think about on the morning of your wedding, the last thing you want to be worrying about is your wedding car. Registrars are strict on timings because they often have more than one wedding to oversee on the same day, so if you arrive late you risk missing your own wedding. Hiring a chauffeur for your wedding won’t just feel luxurious; it will give you the peace of mind that you’ll get to your wedding ceremony on time so that you can relax and enjoy the final preparations. After the ceremony, your chauffeur can be there to take you and your new husband or wife to your reception venue ahead of your guests.


Hiring a chauffeur for an airport transfer

Whether you’re jetting off on holiday or need to get to the airport for a business trip, hiring a chauffeur for a hassle-free airport transfer will ensure your journey gets off to a smooth start. Your chauffeur will drive you to the airport in comfort, alleviating the need for you to worry about airport parking or finding the right terminal. When you return from your trip, your chauffeur will be monitoring live flight times to ensure that they’re waiting to take you home the moment you step into the arrivals hall.


Hiring a chauffeur for a business trip

Chauffeurs are popular for executive travel because they provide a specialised service in an environment in which privacy and discretion are paramount. Whether you need a chauffeur to transport a valued client, or you’d like someone to drive you to an important meeting or corporate event, corporate chauffeurs have the expertise and professionalism to provide the standard of service you expect.

If you’re thinking of hiring a chauffeur, find out how our executive chauffeur services can help you.